Expressive Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances that make more straightforward and fascinating the forces that act on the preparations they transform.


The kitchen is a rich place of creation and experimentation where all the senses are stimulated. Its appliances should reflect this sensitive universe. It is necessary to get rid of archetypes and chimeras and to create genuine ways of expression.

This is the reason why I wanted to design products that truly express their function, inspired by iconic transformations and phenomena found in nature.

Design Process

The challenge was to design something new but using the same technical components and production techniques without compromising on the iconic representation of each appliance’s function.
I collected informations about all the technical parts with each component’s size and particularity. I asked around what people think about their kitchen appliances and what they would like to have or to change in their interaction. I iterated sketches and models to come up with a functional designs without loosing a genuine expression.


Simple production and engaging design are compatible.
These objects combine innovative and engaging ways to express their function and are still easy to manufacture and moreover easy to use.
They manifest the possibility to bring more creativity into products, using the same industrial processes and making these appliances more fascinating and friendlier to use.


Research / Industrial Design


June 2012

Tholo / microwave oven

Ø290 x 340 mm

Vata / immersion blender

Ø120 x 360 mm

Borvo / electric kettle

Ø240 x 270 mm