Branding a Design Blog

COHOB is a blog that writes consistant and committed articles about design gathered around themes.

1. A customised platform

We designed a custom website template to fit the best to our needs.

2. A unique Point of View

As all the written content is original and dense, it takes several weeks to do the research, write the articles and finalise a whole theme. Themes links design to unique topics like Science Fiction and aims to spark inspiration and compel designers to create smart futures.

a blog about prospective design

1. Identity Design

The identity, initially designed in 2013 with the precious help of Diane Boivin has been rebranded and redesigned in 2018. The new edition offers a more contemporary look and fits best with the overall editorial direction while keeping the same brutalist spirit.

3. Content Creation

We create unique content and write down articles gathering rich references from past and present design works, fictional or theoretical writings.