Catherine Stolarski Design is a multidisciplinary design studio based in London, offering smart, simple and unique solutions in industrial design, art direction and brand strategy for design-lead startups, small businesses and global brands.


We are helping brands to offer a unique and consistent experience through their products and all their creative materials.


Full creative package combining strategic,
product and visual design to deliver an immersive,
consistent and unique experience of your brand.

Creative Direction

Creative guidance in line with your brand strategy
that adds to its personality.
Art direction of photography, website, social media
content, prints and all other marketing materials.

Industrial Design

Design of electrical or digital appliances,
lighting, furniture with a focus on smart materials,
new technologies and simple assembly.


Get all your creative services from the same place

1. We run a consultation with you to assess your needs.

2. We offer you a diagnose tailored to your brand.

3. If necessary we build a team of specialists to assist us.

4. We include you in all steps of the process and deliver the best solutions.


We believe that design is a communication tool to unite people
We apply our design skills to an all-encompassing set of practices from strategy to digital and material, product and visual to create immersive and consistent experiences.


We prefer quality over quantity
This is the reason why we always seek to have the maximum impact with as few elements as possible.


For us good design is simple, straightforward and sustainable.
We focus on capturing the essence of each project and build a plan to offer meaningful and long lasting solutions.

About the Founder

Catherine is a French industrial designer based in London.

Her 5+ years of practice working along international brands and startups has gained her an all-encompassing approach of creating brand value through all visual media.

She applies her design and creative mind as a strategic asset of business development and offers solution-lead propositions as part of a global vision of the brand.

She founded her studio in 2013 where she develops her own products and offers her broad creative expertise to startups, innovation-lead brands and blue chip companies.


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