Original Wristwatch

Hatch Watches is a creative brand based in East London that offers unique timepieces with high quality components and finishes.

The uniqueness of the watches comes from their dial that creates different cross-hatching and moire patterns when time changes.

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HOA in motion
HOB in motion
HOC in motion

1. Concept

The principle is simple: two superposed etched metal discs rotate on each tother and create changing patterns when time goes by.

2. Design

Using graphic design softwares, we designed the dial and hands to be superposed.
We designed and assembled all the components on a 3D software.

3. Prototyping

Using additive manufacturing, we created iterations of the case, buckle and hands and test / improve them to get to the final design.

4. Development

We created the final drawings and files to be send to the manufacturers, sourced the final materials and followed up in all stages of the production until receiving the final products.


Hatch Watches


June 2017


stainless steel, brass, nylon, mineral glass

Dial Size

Ø 38mm


20mm nylon