Pause, Feel, Focus, Flow

Direction and Website

Rohan Narse offers to selected clients tailored solutions to re-center their energies and focus them in the right direction.

Working closely with Rohan, we agreed on the best approach, look and feel and designed a website accordingly.

Making a difference

In the word of business and personal life development, many promise you the magic recipe that will make everything perfect. The process is brief as is the satisfaction you gain from it and it seldomly gets to the core of any issue to solve it.

Rohan is more of a direct person and won’t lie about how hard the journey can be to readjust your life and behaviour and is ready to lead you through it.

An Identity Apart

For his website, I decided to adopt an approach away from the usual coach pep talks and fake marketing promesses or the vague spiritual guru explanations.
In just a few pages that convey a unique and honest message where only three things matter: You, Me, What We can do together.
With black and white visuals and animations inviting to introspection, the visitor is intrigued and can project himself.


Rohan Narse


September 2017


Brand Strategy / Web Design

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