Groundbreaking items from the automotive world to an everyday use

Product Design
Ø from 450mm to 250mm

I was approached by Hypetex, Formula1 official licensee, to design a series of items to promote their new colourful carbon fibre. It is an amazing material which allows to design soft, light and resistant objects.
I seized this opportunity to bring this innovative material in the design world.

Design Process and Development

I designed centrepieces, trays and picture frames inspired by natural shapes to enhance how this bright material reflects the light in a captivating way. To have clean edges, it was necessary to hide or cover them with black carbon fibre. It led me to 3 different edging possibilities which drove the shapes.

The designs express the essential properties of carbon fibre: clever, minimal, organic and bright.

These products have helped Hypetex to promote they material and have been exhibited at Milan Design Festival 2014 and DesignJunction during the London Design Festival 2014.