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BRANDING CREATION: A Successful Process

We translate your brand vision, ambition and ideas into brand direction, identity and products. To increase the chances to get a successful and efficient result, it is necessary to do some preliminary work and to have complete clarity throughout the whole project. This is the reason why:

1. We run a consultation with you to assess your needs.

2. We offer you a diagnose tailored to your brand.

3. If necessary we build a team of specialists to assist us.

4. We include you in all steps of the process and deliver the best solutions.


When working on building the foundations to your brand, there are many aspects to consider before creating anything. When working with us, we go through the 4 following steps: 

1. Discover

This is the Research phase.

At this point, we want to learn as much as we can about your company: how it started, what you love and hate about it, who are the customers, the competitors. We will explore what could constitute any threats or opportunities between you and your goals.

2. Define

This is where we provide key insight.

We analyse what we collected in the discovery phase and offer you a diagnosis and what would be the best strategy to follow. We will also determine your brand DNA through selected keywords for a unique positioning.

3. Direct

This is where we determine the personality of your brand.

We set the tone, universe and style of your brand. This way, we create a framework that will provide rules for consistently delivering branded items in line with your ethos. This is also where we can define your identity (logo system, colours, fonts, etc).

4. Create

This is where things get real.

We design and develop marketing materials as stationary, website, flyer, photography, catalogue, stand, packaging, etc, to provide you with communication and promotional materials.


We work to create singular branding and creative strategy with the conviction that each company is unique. Over time and experience, we implemented a process that allow us to consistently create valuable brand direction, brand strategy or a creative direction. We usually go through four distinctive steps:

1. Discover

We run a consultation with you and all relevant stakeholders to assess your needs. We research your market and highlight key points of your business.

2. Define

We define a tailored strategy on how you could reach your business goals.

3. Direct

We choose the visual and written universe guidelines that will express your brand.

4. Create

We apply the creative direction to your all of your marketing assets: logo, business cards, website, brochure, packaging, stand, products, etc…

BRAND DIFFERENCIATION: 4 key points to consider

What makes a brand stand out is a combination of the 4 following aspects:


How it is seen by its customers


Tone of voice, traits and characteristics


What makes it different from all others


What it stands for


How it is seen by its customers


Tone of voice, traites and characteristics.


What makes it different from all other brands.

BRAND DEFINITION: 3 Aspects to Clarify

What makes a brand is the experience you have to offer. This can be defined by three aspects: 

1. Purpose

What you offer and why.

2. Context

Where, when and to whom

3. Value

How it is perceived.

BRAND BUILDING: The 4 foundations you need

Building a brand is like a pyramid: the foundations need to be solid before starting the next level. Here a step by step the levels you need to complete.

1. Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy is to study and know your market and your customers. It is defining key assets that will reveal your brand DNA and define the steps and approach to reach your business goals.

2. Brand Direction

Your brand direction defines how to express the the brand DNA and strategy through key visual and written elements that create a framework for your brand universe.

3. Brand Identity

Your brand Identity represents the essence of what you stand for. It is an iconic and recognisable signature that with a few elements create a unique demarcation from any other business.

4. Communication

Your communication is how you consistently apply the direction and design elements to your marketing strategy. It is how you build familiarity and trust with your customers.